Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Brings Connected Features Technology In Older Car Models

While the automobile companies are trying their best to offer new devices in the cars, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has gone a step ahead in refurbishing the old car models as well. On Friday, the company announced that it will soon begin to sell such devices that could be plugged in on the old car models, so as to get a range of tech features.

Enabling 2010-2016 Ford and Lincoln cars with latest technology

The company said that the Ford and Lincoln cars from 2010-2016 model years will get this plug-in device, which will offer a range of features. These features will include Wifi hotspot, vehicle location assistance, security alerts as well as remote start.

So, this means that the older car models from Ford will turn into everything that the companies are offering in their latest models. Ford’s plug-in device shall get a stiff competition from the similar devices being sold by other companies. AT&T and Verizon also sell such devices, which offer Wifi hotspot service to the older model cars.

SmartLink technology in this new device

Ford Motor Company’s new device comes with SmartLink technology. The benefit of this technology is that it allows the older car models that are devoid of modem facilities, to be more connected. This means that if you old Ford car isn’t pre-equipped with these facilities; you can simply get the device to lock or unlock your doors with remote or get the engine management alerts.

SmartLink technology in this new device

This is the after-market device and can be plugged into the OBD II port of the car, which sits below a car’s steering wheel. The device will soon be available at Ford dealerships from this year onward, by the mid of 2017.

OBD II port is available in all cars, as per the law. The cars built in the U.S. after 1996 should be enabled with this port, so as to enable onboard diagnostics. The company’s stock, on 27 January 2017 was 12.49USD, an increase of 0.97%.

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