What Is Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s Strategy Behind Signing Up Instagram?

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) quietly signed up for an Instagram account a week ago. Users got to know about it only after its first post. Since then Twitter’s Instagram account follower base has grown up to 50k in a week. Notably Twitter is already struggling to retain and increase its fan base for long now.

The #hashtag game

The photo posting platform Instagram is well known for its hashtag pic captions. Though not everybody remembers that hashtag was originated from Twitter. Twitter seeing the trend and the strong follower base of Instagram, has now silently stepped up to start the battle.

The #hashtag game

Notably, Instagram uses Twitter to promote its stories and also grown up to multiple times as compared to Twitter which is struggling for addition in its signups. Twitter after joining Instagram has posted only a few photos in the past week but with common thing “#”.

This perhaps is to symbolize the actual origin of this #hashtag was Twitter itself. This can be guessed as a strong message to fight back the hashtag game by Twitter.

An end of rivalry between these social media giants?

It is well known fact that founders of Twitter and Instagram were very close friends that “Twitter’s going to buy Instagram” were in the news everywhere. Facebook stepped in between and closed the Instagram deal for $1 Billion then. This added the cracks in between the friendship of Twitter and Instagram founders. Both blocked the integrations on each other’s platform and that fired up the battle even more.

Cross media platform promotion

It is apparent that Twitter has pulled up its socks and is starting the silent battle of cross media platform promotion on Instagram. Twitter officials clearly refused to comment on the Twitter joining the Instagram. While Twitter’s post showed the hashtag logo in each post it can be well assumed why Twitter has signed up for Instagram after five years of well known rivalry.

As on 27 January 2017, company’s stock price was 16.57USD, down by 1.43%.

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