Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Hinting That The Company May Be Looking Towards A Big Media Acquisition

Despite Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) being the number one leader, in a variety of niches. The tech-giant is still well-known for being conservative, when it comes to making game-changing acquisitions, or at least subtle about it than that of the company’s competitors.

This is the reason, why news regarding possible huge acquisitions, which are being hinted by the CEO of the tech giant itself, Tim Cook, which can be quite a big landmark for the company, as it may compensate for the growing loss of profit that the company has witnessed in terms of Apple TV and similar model products.

The foundations of the new Apple acquisition rumor

However, Apple is no stranger to acquisitions on a broad scale, the company did announce over 15 small-time acquisitions over the previous four fiscal quarters. However, none of these acquisitions boasted enough size to be worthy of game-changing moves.

The foundations of the new Apple acquisition rumor

However, Cook did state that currently, the company is keeping an open mind when considering a large acquisition, which could place a large impact on the company’s triple bottom line.

Cook stated, “We’re always looking in the market for things that could compliment things that we do today, become features in something that we do, or allow us to accelerate entry into a category that we’re excited about. We could definitely buy something larger than we have bought thus far.”

Apple’s history of acquisitions

However, there is still speculation to whether or not the company will stick to the hints, which have been laid down by its CEO, this is due to the known conservativeness that Apple has shown when it comes to large, expensive acquisitions.

The expected acquisition that Apple will make following the hints, will be above the value of $3 billion. This is due to records of the largest acquisition the company has made so far being Beats, which was purchased for a total of $3 billion.

Apple stock closed on Wednesday at $121.35, after witnessing a decline by $0.28 or 0.23.

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