AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Plans To Start Rolling Out Their 5G Networks

It was announced on Wednesday, by AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) that they are currently in the progress of beginning the procedure to roll out their 5G networks in select locations, which have been dubbed the ‘evolution markets’.

This forms part of the strategy, which the company announced. The strategy was essential that the company would be working on ways this coming year, to substantially upgrade its networks, for better user experience.

AT&T 5G Networks

According to release notes by the company, the first region, which will receive the benefit of these 5G networks, will be Austin, as well as Indianapolis. According to the notes, which the company has made available to the public, the theoretical speed of this network, will cap at around 400 Mbps.

AT&T 5G Networks

Although, it is true that this is five times the speed of any network, which AT&T is currently able to provide. The company still has not managed to achieve the norm for theoretical speeds, on a 5G network, which is a rough 1Gbps.

However, the CTO of AT&T, Andre Feutsch, stated, “This speed is 5 times that to normal AT&T networks. We do plan on bringing the theoretical 1Gbps speed norm before the end of this year.”

Allegedly, according to executives at AT&T this 5G network, falls into the product category, which the company has anointed to ‘Indigo’. This indigo project is the overall plan to enhance and expand the current networks, with 5G capabilities.

AT&T Outlook

Rolling out the 5G network is not all that AT&T has announced is in the company’s pipelines for this coming year. In addition to this, the company has revealed that they are working diligently to hit 55 percent network virtualisation before the closing of this year.

Furthermore, AT&T also announced that currently, it is in the process of launching an open source project, which will run off the Linux platform. This project is called ECOMP, which is essentially the platform, created specifically to power the company’s software-defined networks.

AT&T stock closed on Wednesday at $42.06, after falling by $0.10 or 0.24%

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