Our news website Randolphguide.com was created to provide readers with the best financial news and market analysis. We cover big cap as well as small cap firms listed in the US, Canada and the UK.

Our Team

Johnie Dean – Chief Editor – has 9 years experience, was former reporter and writer. Originally from Canada, Johnie is a former writer of a financial magazine and has completed several courses at Ryerson University.

Timothy Spitzer – former financial journalist, he has written for many news websites. He graduated from Ofxord and has joined our team with a few years writing experience.

Marcellus Auer – covers the Finance industry. he joined our team in late 2014 and was previously an analyst for KRN Ratings.

Von Boettger – covers large cap stocks. He has is a leading analyst in the health sector and has been featured many times in the big media sites.